A  D R E A M

« The story of CHABADABADA is quite simple because it was born from an intuition and a dream…

“Late in 2015, in order to come to terms with a challenging moment of my life, I had decided to withdraw and immerge myself for a few weeks in a cosy nest in Capri. I had to find a new direction for the years to come. Being the worthy daughter of artists (pianist and singer) I trusted my senses, my creativity and the strength of my dream: to create my own brand of clothing.

My desires were above all to conceive simple pieces intertwining femininity, elegance and sensuality. I re-experienced movies from the 60s-70s and, naturally names emerged… Sofia, Claudia, Brigitte, Anouk, Romy, Ava… All very different from one another, all representing feminine ideals, admittedly fantasised but they were all assumed.

Wrapped in silk, undressed or nude, they each had in different ways, a certain elegance. They «had something». It was by rummaging through their memories that I discovered a little of their intimacy. I imagined their ways of being woman, lover or mother. Thereupon, other names legitimately appeared, more contemporary but equally fascinating… Monica, Michele, Sharon, Angelina…

Beautiful, brave, feminist, bubbly, sensual and free, the Chabadabada woman was born.  »

T H E  D E S I G N E R

Public relations savvy in the luxury sector for years, then founder of an Events agency in Geneva, Veronique Reynaud has travelled and lived abroad in refined, sophisticated and elegant atmospheres.

Married for 15 years to a Swiss architect, mother of two daughters –they are her pride- she lives and works between Geneva and Italy, her second homeland.

She vows a particular passion for travelling: journeys in Namibia, road trips in Death Valley and India, diving in the waters of Exumas or Polynesia. Nature and its big spaces are like magnets to her. However, she also adores merging herself in the frenetic city of New York, enigmatic Roma or the crazy Cali.

T H E  D I F F E R E N C E

Chabadabada goes against this world of furtive pleasures where everything moves too quickly.

The calendar has no importance ! No colour is « trendy » ! Only beautiful materials, exclusive prints, moments of life and emotions are of the essence.

In silk and cachemire, the very feminine kimonos, suits, flowing dresses and fluid kaftans delicately wrap around their bodies and accompany them at home or on a trip, in both day and night.

Chabadabada is destined for women who wear their feminity like a precious jewel, proudly but subtly.

There is no constraint or instruction manual. It is fluid, it flows on your skin. Super feminine, easy to accessorize, to feel good goes hand-in-hand with a form of grace.

To be Chabadabada, is to also want to wear clothes « naked underneath ». A luxury…

Chabadabada is an attitude …